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Dumpster Service

September 12, 2013 | Comments Off on Dumpster Service

Standard Dumpster Service

Long-term permanent service only.

For household & business non-compacted trash, no construction debris.

Zone 1 Dumpsters – Core area of Wasilla and Palmer

Commercial P/U every 2 weeks/mo P/U every week/mo
2 yd container $74.55 $131.41
3 yd container $93.03 $163.13
4 yd container $111.50 $194.87
6 yd container $144.19 $254.06
8 yd container $172.64 $309.03

Zone 2 Dumpsters – Big Lake, Meadow Lakes, Knik south of Foothills, Butte, Palmer-Fishhook North of Trunk and Wasilla-Fishhook North of Watana Dr.

Commercial P/U every 2 weeks/mo P/U every week/mo
2 yd container $85.10 $152.20
3 yd container $102.68 $182.49
4 yd container $120.29 $212.69
6 yd container $149.88 $269.34
8 yd container $178.68 $352.80

Our mission is to provide competition in the Valley at lower cost with excellent service.

Sales tax and State Regulatory Fee not included in above prices

** We have no hidden fees or surcharges **

Please call the office for Zone 3 Rates in Willow, Fishhook north of Turner Rd, Big Lake at Burma Road and Knik Goose Bay Past mile 14.

For all other services including Roll-Offs, please call the office for pricing details.

The following items are NOT accepted in our dumpsters:

  • Construction debris, rocks, granite, tile, flooring, roofing material, dirt. See Roll Off Services for disposal of these items.
  • The landfill does not allow hazardous materials including: refrigerators, freezers, hazardous waste, chemical products, herbicides & pesticides, solvents, paint (except completely dried latex paint cans, no liquids), other flammable liquids, propane tanks, oil, antifreeze, contaminated soil, batteries, medical waste, asbestos, animals, and burn barrels. For more details about the disposal of these items please check with the Mat Su Borough Central Landfill.     http://• Landfill Rates

If you have large amounts of cardboard consider our cardboard recycling service.

Only small amounts of bagged animal or fish waste are accepted, this includes game meat and animal feces.

Your actual pickup time may vary each week. Pickup can start as early as 4:30am. Please have all obstacles removed by 4:00am, or the previous evening.

Customers are responsible for access to the dumpster. If the driver is unable to safely access the dumpster for any reason it will be considered a “blocked” dumpster. You may choose to wait for your next scheduled pick up or you can pay for an extra pick up to be scheduled the next week.

  • The truck needs to have clear, safe access to the front of the dumpster to pick it up and maneuver around the driveway/parking lot area.
  • The ground in front of the dumpster needs to be firm enough to drive on during all seasons.
  • During winter months the driveway and parking areas must be well sanded or graveled on the scheduled pickup day if icy.
  • Overhead obstructions such as tree limbs must be trimmed back.

If you have a locked gate please make sure the office has the code, combination, or a key so the driver can access the dumpster outside your regular business hours. If there is no combination/key and you will be closed on holidays please let us know in advance of the holiday so we can schedule around your business hours if possible.

Dumpster service is billed monthly in advance. Payments are due on the 20th of the month.

A late fee of $25.00 is added on the 1st of the month following the due date for all past due accounts and pickups may be suspended until past due balance is paid.

There is a $40.00/$60.00 delivery fee per dumpster in Zones 1 and 2. The delivery fee for Zone 3 is $60.00/$80.00.

Accounts closed for non-payment will be assessed a $40-$80 non-refundable fee on the day their service ends and the dumpster is scheduled for removal.

A $30.00 NSF charge will added to any returned checks.

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Thank you for your cooperation. Please call us with any questions at 907-357-6000.