Denali Refuse

Denali Refuse

Waste Collection at Lower Costs with Excellent Service


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Denali Refuse

Denali Refuse is a local alternative to the national waste collection service in Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley.

” Our mission is to provide competition in the Valley at lower cost with excellent service!”

**No Hidden Fees or Surcharges**

We offer affordable rates and superior customer service. Please visit our other pages to find out pricing and policy information, and give us a call today!



Denali Refuse Truck

We will be performing website maintenance on

Saturday March 11, 2017 around 6pm-8pm

During this time customers will not be able to make payments online

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During spring thaw, the ground and driveways get very soft. Soft enough, that even personal cars and trucks

will leave ruts. Our delivery truck and garbage trucks weigh considerably more and can leave very deep ruts

or get stuck. This can also affect paved driveways, especially newer construction

construction. If you notice your driveway is getting soft, please call us to move your container(s) close to

the main road before things become an issue. This includes detached 3- or 4-plexes with trash cans

picked up on a shared driveway. Once the ground hardens we can move the container(s) back to the

original pickup location.



on pickup day so we don’t miss you when we make daily schedule changes.

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Residential Service

Trash Can Service

Commercial Service

Standard Dumpster Service

Holiday Pickup Schedule

We pick up your trash on the Holidays as scheduled

with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

These three days only are picked up the day after.